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logan hicks solo exhibition

05/11/2024 - 06/07/2024


BRONX, NEW YORK - WALLWORKS NEW YORK opens its doors and walls to renowned artist Logan Hicks in STILL NEW YORK, opening May 11th!


Known world-wide for his extensive stencil and spray artwork, most don't know that most of Hicks' stencil work come from his own photographic studies. During the early stages of the lockdown, Hicks took advantage of the streets to photograph New York City in a way few had ever seen it before--eerily empty.


"STILL NEW YORK will feature photos from the pandemic that I took of New York, as well as HUNDREDS of other photos that I’ve never been seen. There will be a range of sizes and prices, something for everyone."


Exhibition Dates:

May 11, 2024 – June 7, 2024


Gallery hours:

Wednesday - Friday, 11AM - 4PM | weekends by appointment only here

Buy and Go Prints:

In order to be accessible and offer art to everyone, there are over 100 prints available for $100 each. These are ready to be taken home / shipped as they sell. Click the link to see whats available and email us your choices. Link will be updated as prints sell. All are 11 x 17 in, signed, open edition. 


Logan Hicks is a New York-based artist known for his photorealistic stenciled paintings. Studying at the Maryland Institute of Contemporary Art in the early 1990s, Hicks began as a successful screen printer, before eventually finding himself working with stencils.


Called a painter with a photographer’s eye, Hicks’ work has largely focused on the perception of the environment, at times humanizing its architectural angles and structures, and at others using its vastness to explore self identity. With an old masters approach to lighting, Hicks sculpts ordinary architectural scenes into deeply metaphorical and contemplative imagery through stenciled aerosol.


In recent years, the artist has delved further into his own metaphorical language, bringing in themes like water to create dream-like imagery that explores his own meditative contemplation on the world that surrounds us. Over the years, Hicks has developed his impeccable photorealistic style using stencils, sometimes using up to 15 layers of stencil to achieve this precision. Working from his own photographs, subjects are translated to multiple layers of stencils, brought to bold dimensionality by blending colors through aerosol.


Hicks’ mastery has gained him world-wide respect, and given the artist opportunity to create large scale murals in Istanbul, Miami, Baltimore, New York, Tunisia, Paris and beyond. 

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